Free Shipping & Returns (USA) + 365 Day Guarantee

Returns and Exchanges

USA: Free Shipping & Returns

We offer free standard shipping and free return labels. Begin a USA return.

International: Discounted Shipping & Free Shipping On Replacements

If you're outside the USA, we offer a discounted shipping rate of $27 to anywhere and FREE shipping on replacement orders. We can't generate prepaid return labels outside the USA, so you will have to get your originals back to us. Begin an International return.

365-day "Test Drive"

We give you 365 days (one whole year!) to decide whether Carets are your new favorite shoes.

Unlike other shoe companies, we're okay with you wearing your shoes outside and really testing them out in your day-to-day! You chose our shoes for Comfort, and Comfort can't be accurately assessed by wearing them for a few minutes, indoors, on carpet!

If you need to return them, just make sure you clean off any dirt or mud before sending them back. Common courtesy, right? =) If necessary, your local cobbler can make them good as new with a clean, condition, and shine.

  • Wrinkles? Okay! It's practically unavoidable.
  • Dirt or mud? Not Okay! Please clean this off.
  • Scuffs? Not Okay! Please have these buffed out. Your local cobbler is great at this.
  • Deep cuts or scratches? Never Okay! If you return shoes with deep cuts or scratches, you will lose your refund and your shoes.

Zero-Risk Pre-Orders

Cancel your pre-order for a full refund anytime before the shipping date.