Built for barefoot believers…

“I love minimalist shoes and have been looking for good-looking, barefoot dress shoes for years. I tried dress shoes from Vivo, Lems etc but people always asked what was going on with them?! Finally, I found Carets - they look stylish and feel really, really good. Very happy.”

– Jeff D.

Zero-Drop in Disguise

Carets appear to have a heel, but your foot rests inside it for a zero-drop fit. You get the same natural and upright posture as being barefoot for happy ankles, knees, and back, but with a sophisticated look. Without a heel, other minimalist dress shoes simply don’t look

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Secretly Wide Toe Box

We think feet are happiest and healthiest when their toes are free to move naturally, not squished together. Carets’ wide toe box is stylishly camouflaged, but still allows your toes to splay like the other barefoot shoes you’ve tried.

The lines measure the space for your toes to spread. Since these lines are equal in length / angle, the toe room you have in a Vivobarefoot Ra pictured here is about the same as a Carets FER Oxford.

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Surprisingly Flexible

The bottoms of your feet are flexible, so your shoes should be too. Carets’ flexible soles allow your feet to move their natural way, just like the casual barefoot shoes you love.

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Would you rather stick a fork in your hand than wear ugly barefoot dress shoes to work?

Most barefoot dress shoes end up giving you a clowny, unsophisticated look. Carets allow your feet and toes to move naturally, while complementing your professional style. From many angles, our shoes look like they have a heel. They’re actually completely flat. That’s the genius of our patented design.

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Looking good matters at work.

That’s why we designed Carets to be great looking dress shoes that barefoot shoe enthusiasts love to wear to work. Thousands of high performing professionals have traded their ugly barefoot shoes for Carets since 2011.

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