What does "Carets" mean?

Pronounced like "care it",

and spelled like "care + t",

a Caret is the name of this symbol: ^

Carets are used in mathematics for exponentiation  "to the power of." It's a nice concept for people like us who are always looking to improve ourselves. And it's metaphorical of how our products help us, the wearer, make a bigger impact on the world.

Carets are also used in proofreading to make corrections. There are tons of stories, and more and more studies, that show the corrective power of going barefoot and wearing minimalist shoes. 

A symbol similar to (and often called) a caret is used for logical conjunctions, like in the Venn Diagram below. It's fitting for our hybrid product, which is equal parts Style and Strength. 

Carets sounds like Carrots, which is almost universally recognized as an all-natural, gluten-free, raw vegan and paleo health food.

Carets also sounds like Karat (measures the purity of gold) and Carat (measures the weight of diamonds).

Carrot = Health & Fitness
Karat & Carat = Wealth & Luxury
Carets = Why Not Both?

Finally, we chose to use the plural Carets instead of the singular Caret, because people always refer to shoe brands in plural, even when talking about a single pair of shoes (e.g. "I love my Carets!").