About Us

Like you, I enjoy walking, running, lifting, playing, and doing pretty much everything barefoot. It all started in 2009. From the 4-Hour Workweek blog and the book Born to Run, I discovered barefoot running. It made sense. It felt right. 6 months later, I completed the LA Marathon, bare soles to the road for 26 miles. 

From then, there was no turning back. But I still had to spend five days a week in a business environment. What's a modern caveman to do? On a casual Friday, I wore my FiveFingers and my colleagues freaked out. This is not a good thing for an accountant. So I put up with my regular work shoe until one day. I came home, so frustrated with the thick heels that I tried to trim them down with a hand saw. It didn't work as I imagined, and the shoes were just ruined. 

It was in this moment, this moment of failure, that inspiration struck. We need a shoe that has the barefoot feel we love, with the classic look people expect. A shoe for Primal Professionals.