Jason F.

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Hey Mountain,
Just wanted to give you a positive update...After several weeks of wear, I’ve discarded my other dress shoes in favor of my daily worn Carets!

I was originally hesitant purchasing shoes without being able to actually try them on in a storefront; and I’ve never paid that much for a pair of shoes, ever.  The fact that I purchased two pair speaks volumes. 

After purchasing, it was a quick and painless break-in. The OxBlood color wouldn’t have found its way into my closet but for the only other option being black; however, now that I have them, I love em.  I find that color more useful than regular brown.

Constructive criticism.  Slightly wider toe-box.  After all the years of Vibram and Altra use, my toes have spread and want more room!

There is nothing close in the market as I’m sure you are aware from your own research. Well done sir. JF. 

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