Howard Epstein M.D., 50’s, Surgical Pathologist, Newport Beach CA

Hello, Mountain. I just wanted to follow up and say I am very happy with the transactions with your company and you, personally.

I really had no hesitation about buying a dress shoe from your company in the first place, after looking at many, many minimalist shoes on the Internet and reading numerous reviews.
Although I was surprised it would be size 8 that would work for me, so be it. It's about fit and comfort -and I'm completely happy with the shoes. How comfortable are they? 
Well, I went to a semi-formal party and danced in them with no problem.
I  had commented upon receipt of the shoes that the shoe laces were too long and read your note in the box stating that laces would be addressed soon  but in the meantime one could simply trim the laces to the appropriate length and use a lighter to seal the ends. I thought this would be somewhat messy, so I was hesitant and annoyed, but in fact, it turned out that I like the look much better than the typical ends of shoelaces (very tight plastic capping).  Plus, the length is perfect!  Thanks for that.
I'm likely to downsize my shoe collection since the Carets will be my "go to" shoes for suits and "nice" occasions.  I’m looking forward to evaluating Carets’ boots when they are available.
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