David Haight, Professional Pilot and Consultant

My first pair of primals are coming up on 4 years old, and I am debating about having them overhauled vs replaced... They have served me well through countless miles, countries, terminals, and polluted tarmac in my job as a pilot and aviation consultant, so I am partial to having them reconditioned... But a sneak peek at the next gen might just tip the scales that direction instead...

Biggest obstacle was the price, almost 5x the cost of any shoes I had ever purchased before. I know you are small and cannot spread the costs out to many copies of the shoes, but that is probably the number one thing to work on (without sacrificing the soul of the shoe/quality of course!)

But it did make a difference in lower back fatigue and sciatica after my back surgery. Going back to work boots with a heel periodically reminds me of why I wear primals at work, vibrams when working out, and minimal sole casual shoes the rest of the time!

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