Adam Dickerson, 45, Lecturer, Canberra, Australia

About a year ago I started being troubled by pain from osteoarthritis of the big toe joint (i.e., Hallux limitus / rigidus). This meant I had to abandon my collection of beautiful but narrow-toed English formal shoes (which, no doubt, had played a role in causing the problem). I now needed shoes with a wide toe box, and room for orthotics to reduce pronation. Birkenstocks were comfortable for my toe, and were fine for casual wear, but with suits they looked silly and clown-like.     

Carets are the only shoe I have seen that provides the wide toe box, with the looks of a proper formal shoe. The clever ‘fake’ heel not only provides part of that formal look, but also gives a shoe with zero drop and more room for orthotics.   

I was a little hesitant buying the shoes without trying them on first, but Mountain was exceptionally prompt and helpful in answering questions by email, and in providing detailed, personalised sizing advice.     

The shoes are incredibly comfortable from the first wearing, and look great with suits. I can be on my feet all day in them, without any pain or stiffness in the toe joint. I’m more than happy with the purchase.     

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