Terry Blakely, 53, Insurance Agent, Mountain Biker, Fitness Geek, Danville VA

Hi and Good Morning Mountain!

Thank you for getting the shoes out so quickly! They arrived on Friday. Yesterday was the first full test ride (all day) and I thought you might like some feedback. First--love the shoes! Didn't realize how much I have worn off the soles (barely noticeable, but it's there) from the first pair. The low volume made quite a difference than the regular 13's. When I put them on, still noticed the ability to slide index and middle finger behind the heel, but when laced snugly, any looseness almost (if not altogether) goes away.

The toe box area still has very ample room without any restrictions at all. The shoes needed no "break-in"period at all. Even though I already have black, it's great to have another pair to alternate! I sort of wonder what a regular 12 would feel like. Maybe down the road I will compare and see what works best. 

I really like the nice extra touch of cedar shoe trees and the shoe bags also. 

Keep up the persistent work, I'm looking forward forward to the other colors and boots.

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