A. Stagliano, 40, Civil Servant, Harrisburg, PA

Hi Mountain!

First let me begin by saying congratulations on the rebranding effort and the switch to a new manufacturer. I am so excited that you are planning on making a dressier shoe and I will the first in line to order a new pair when they are available.

I have been wearing the V2s for the last two years and I can honestly say I will never wear another brand of shoe to work again! I look forward to putting them on everyday and actually anticipate going to work knowing I will be completely comfortable at my stand-up desk. The soles are showing the tiniest bit of wear after two years but the uppers are as nice as the day I unboxed them. A weekly polishing with Leather Honey keeps them looking sharp!

My shoelaces are starting to break at the knot and if you could send me a replacement I would be ever so grateful. Thank you for bringing comfort and style to the professional workplace and I look forward to seeing the new products marketed by Chronology!


A. Stagliano

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