Jose, 21, College Student, Teacher, Barefoot Runner, Yogi, Phoenix AZ

Ever since I began wearing barefoot shoes two years ago, I've dreamed of a barefoot dress shoe that I could wear not only on the occasional formal event, but also on a daily basis for my career as a high school teacher. While I still have a year left of college, I am required to attend three semesters of teaching internships (currently on my third) and one semester of student teaching. Thus, I needed to wear my traditionally uncomfortable dress shoes on a daily basis, which unfortunately led me to dread my internship days. With my Pri-Pros, I now start off my teaching days with a smile, the way it's meant to be. You made a future teacher's dream come true. I cannot thank-you enough. "The Primal Professional. The Most Comfortable Dress Shoe on the Planet. Period."
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