Mark C., 46, Wayne PA

I generally am very casually dressed for work, but on those occasions when I need to look professional, I have been wearing them - especially when I expect to be on my feet a lot. I ignored your warning to resist the urge to run, and I seriously think I could do a legit 1-2 mile run in these! I ran back to an office as we were rushing between meetings, because I left my briefcase at the last meeting. At the end of the day, it really was nice not to have any fatigue or discomfort in my knees, which typically happens after a day in dress shoes. The reason the knee thing is so important to me is because my whole life I could not run without knee pain. I am up to running 5 miles without it feeling like I climbed Mount Everest - and I have not had a single moment of knee pain whatsoever. That's why I got so excited when I found out about your shoes and why I'm such a believer in minimalist footwear.
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