Matthew Dubin, 47, Attorney and owner, Seattle WA

I ordered my Chronology a few months ago (they were on back order) and when they arrived, they were too large. I emailed the company about exchanging the shoes and got a reply from the owner of the company asking for a photo of my feet next to the shoes. He immediately replied that it looked like I did indeed need the next size down. He offered to send replacement pair at no charge, and then to let me decide which pair to return. The smaller size fits perfectly. It is so nice to finally have a pair of minimal dress shoes that actually look like dress shoes. They are so comfortable it will be hard to follow the company's advice to avoid exercising in them, but I'll do my best. If you like minimal footwear, but have to wear dress shoes, there is nothing else like these on the market. I give Chronology my highest recommendation.

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