Why are all the women wearing heels in your video?

In our Indiegogo video, every single person that our main actor interacts with is wearing a traditional style shoe, women and men. The purpose of our shoe is to allow a barefoot enthusiast to blend in with people who don’t share the same mentality about footwear, and that’s why we had the other actors wear the shoes that they did. 

The 2 women in our video happen to be my friend who organized a Paleo meetup group, and my wife (at the time) who ran a 10K mud run in her bare feet. They know about the benefits of going barefoot or wearing flat shoes, but they still like to wear heels occasionally because, in their own words, heels are cute. I would rather see women in natural, comfortable footwear, but it’s not my place to tell them, or anyone for that matter, what to wear.

Our current collection is only men's styles, but that doesn't mean they're only for men. We have some awesome women customers who wear our men's style shoes. On a personal level, as a smaller guy, I have no problem wearing clothes made for women. One of my favorite jackets is a North Face in Women's Medium, because the Men's Small fits too baggy on me.

I appreciate your concern for the foot health & posture of everyone, women and men, so I hope I’ve been able to bring clarity to everything. 

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