Do Carets need waterproofing? Can Carets be waterproofed?

Most of our customers don't waterproof their Carets. The cement construction of Carets is much more water-resistant than the strobel construction of Vivo and Zaqq. In their strobel construction, water can soak the threads, and wick from the outside of the shoe to the inside through the stitch holes. 

For most people, the oil from conditioning and the wax from shining their shoes provides enough water resistance for regular use.

If your shoes ever get soaked, make sure to wipe them ASAP, and let them air dry from there. Don't use a heater or a fire to dry them out faster, because this can over-dry the leather. 

If you would like to apply a waterproofing treatment, follow the treatment's instructions: test a small and less-visible spot first, to see if any discoloration occurs, before applying it to the whole shoe. 

We have the most generous return policy in the industry, allowing you to return worn shoes up to 365 days from shipping. However, we cannot accept returns with unusual and permanent damage. Discoloration caused by waterproofing is considered unusual and permanent damage.

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