Toe Cleavage?

“Toe Cleavage” refers to the gaps between your toes, made visible in shoes with a low-cut vamp. When it comes to pumps, this is probably the most polarizing feature. Some women love it because they find it cute and sexy. Other women hate it because they find it unattractive and inappropriate. 

Since the experts were divided, I decided to ask you, our audience, about it in a survey last year. While we found an equal 12% at either extreme (love vs hate), the majority of respondents said “it depends”: on the shoe’s style, on how much cleavage is shown, and on what setting they’re in.

In the end, I wanted our first women’s pump to be very versatile. So I designed the Artemis to have little-to-no toe cleavage for most women. However, if you have long toes, there could still be toe cleavage for you.

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