Shoe Trees Jammed?

Are your shoe trees unable to contract because the spring mechanism is jammed?

If your shoe trees stuck, unable to contract because the spring mechanism is jammed, we can fix that with some lubricant. 

What type of lubricant? Anything that works for metal on metal, such as mineral oil, silicone sprays, and/or chain lube.

  1. Remove the shoe trees from the shoes
  2. Be careful with the lubricant, as it will leave oil stains on the shoe's leather and the tree's wood.
  3. Apply the lubricant directly into the spring mechanism.
  4. Give the shoe tree a few contractions to get the lubricant to get around all the parts.
  5. Allow the lubricant to settle and dissolve overnight.
  6. Check the shoe tree's ability to contract now.
  7. If it's not adequate, repeat steps 1 through 6.
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