We had a resole program at the company's inception in 2013, but we discontinued it in 2018. The process took a couple weeks, cost our US customers around $140 after shipping, and even more for international customers plus potential customs duties. This is probably why, for the 5 years that it was available, only 2 customers a year took advantage of the resole option. Everyone opted to simply buy a new pair instead. 

Most shoes cannot be resoled at most local shoe stores, and unfortunately our shoes are like that too. Resole jobs often require specialized equipment. A cement construction shoe like ours requires our proprietary last (a plastic mold around which the shoe is made). Stitched constructions, such as goodyear welt, blake, and stitchdown, require a heavy-duty sewing machine. The only types of resoles that local shoe repairs can do, are for shoes that have a midsole that's glued to an outsole. With these, they can cut off the old outsole from the midsole, and glue a new outsole to the midsole.

The purpose of the resole program was to extend the life and value of the shoes to you, and to reduce waste in the world. We developed our next generation of shoes, the AURELIUS collection, with those principles in mind. It features a new outsole made of thermal polyurethane (TPU), instead of the polyurethane (PU) we've used up until now. Compared to PU, TPU is 42% more abrasion resistant. TPU also has aesthetic advantages over PU, and we've taken advantage of those to create an outsole that looks a lot like a traditional goodyear welted stacked leather sole. 

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