Removable Footbed, Insert / Insole / Orthotic?

From our Founder:

When I first started this company in 2010, I was a hardcore barefooter. Like, the kind that store employees would inform, "You have to wear shoes here next time, okay?". When I first designed our shoes, I was designing it for people like me, who wanted as close to barefoot as possible, all the time. Why bother including a removable footbed if nobody's going to use it, right?

This is why our Classic Collection shoes (Fer, Zetone, Falcon) don't have a removable footbed.

As time went on, I got to know shoes and feet better. For example, I learned that cushioning isn't inherently evil. Yes, an inch thick of EVA foam does throw off your posture, make your footing unstable, and cut off your sense of the ground.  But a thin layer of cushioning? Completely different story. When you're mostly walking on concrete, a thin layer of Poron insole (like we have now) is like walking on a portable plot of earth. 

I also got to know our customers better. I learned that feet come in so many shapes and sizes and capabilities. Barefoot is great for most people, but some people do better with arch support. Most barefooters have wide feet, but not all, and a removable footbed provides more options for a great fit!

This is why the reasons why all of our new shoes (Ares, Apollo, Raptor, Victoria) have a removable footbed. 


Corrective Inserts

We recommend Soul Insole. They make a small sticky gel insert that can fit in a larger range of footwear than traditional inserts. They will also leave you plenty of room inside the shoe.

Extra Cushioning and Decrease Shoe Volume

If you're just looking for some extra cushioning underfoot, or to tighten up a loose-fitting shoe, without any corrective support, you'll want a simple flat insert. You'll want it covered with leather, for breathability, durability, and that luxurious feel. Here's one made by Pedag that fits the bill. You can probably find a similar item at your local shoe store, drugstore, or supermarket!

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