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Pre-Order Status / ETA?

Update July 16: We are ordering more shoes from our factory. On the one hand, our factory is operating at a lowered capacity, which could make this production run slower than usual. On the other hand, it's a small order, and like most shoe factories, they're not getting that many production orders right now, which could make this production run faster than usual. All things considered, we're setting an ETA of October. Everything has been wildly unpredictable in COVID, but you can cancel anytime for a full refund.


Update June 1: Most pre-orders have been fulfilled. The following style-color-sizes have not shipped because our warehouse has still not stocked them:

  • Falcon, Cacao, size 7
  • Fer, Black, size 13
  • Fer, Cacao, size 14
  • Fer, Honey, size 7
  • Fer, Honey, size 13
  • Zetone, Black, size 11
  • Zetone, Black, size 14

If your pre-order is NOT one of these, please reach out to us. We sent confirm address emails and it might have ended up in your spam.

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