No Pre-orders for the Outlet Store?

Pre-orders are not available for the Outlet Store. If the item you select says OUT OF STOCK | PRE ORDER FOR NO PREORDERS ($n/a OFF)”, it's really out of stock. Please don't order it; we will have to cancel your order.


First, the Outlet Store is stocked from Main Store returns. We have no idea when we will get more stock. We also don't want to create a perverse incentive for people to buy and return Main Store items.

Second, there was a lot of internal debate around relaunching the Outlet Store. On one side, we didn't want to waste perfectly good shoes. On the other side, we were concerned the Outlet Store cannibalized our Main Store sales, with much lower margins. To compromise, the Outlet Store cannot have preorders, and Irregulars will only be available during seasonal promotions. 

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