Loafers? Chelsea Boots? Booties?

We've looked into developing loafers, chelsea boots, and booties. But we always hit a wall with them, because they lack fit adjustment, such as laces or straps.

In conventional shoes, you have 2 elements keeping the shoes on your feet.

  1. The raised heels, in combination with gravity, make your foot fall down and forward into the shoe with every step
  2. The tight toebox grips to your forefoot

Our shoes are the opposite, with a hollow heel and a wide toebox. And without fit adjustment (e.g. laces or straps), loafers, chelsea boots, and booties have a hard time staying on your feet.

If we somehow figure out a way to build fit adjustment into loafers, chelsea boots, and booties, while preserving their aesthetics, we'll be sure to do so.

Even if that never happens, fret not! Because we are developing laced and strapped equivalents.

For the same outfits and situations you might wear with loafers... you can try our wingtip oxfords, or double monk straps.

For the same outfits and situations you might wear with chelsea boots or booties... you can try our derby dress boots, or jodhpur boots.


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