Ethical Manufacturer?

Our shoe manufacturer pays above market wages and factory workers have a good working environment.

As a bonus, they’re in the midst of getting certified for being a corporation that follows social responsibility standards. This includes requirements such as: social security benefits, overtime pay, holiday minimums, safety and hygiene guarantees, and of course no forced/minor labor. 

Anecdotally, during my visits - I visibly noticed how much happier the mood was than the Wisconsin factory I last worked with. We’ve never seen super tired or miserable-looking factory workers in any of our visits in the past 4 years of working with them. We do multiple walkthroughs of the factories during our visits and they’ve always looked/felt safe as well. 

We think this is because the owner, Miguel, deliberately tries to do the right thing and treat his employees/partners well. 

Finally, there’s also a lot of job security for factory workers in Mexico. You must have just cause to fire someone in Mexico, or else you owe them a minimum of 3 months severance pay. Here in the US, employment is “at will”, so you can be fired for no reason at all.  

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