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FP Hollow Heel

A Raised Heel... pretty terrible for your body. Your body is made to move through a wide range of motion. When you put a raised heel under your foot, it traps you to a narrow range of motion, and that's when bad things start to happen. You make unnatural adjustments to stay upright, and everything gets thrown off alignment. Our calves and achilles tendons shorten and tighten. A raised heel is often the cause of foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain, back pain, and even shoulder and neck pain.

But No Heel...

Looks funny. This is the Vivobarefoot Lisbon. After us, I think Vivobarefoot makes the best barefoot dress shoes, and their Lisbon model is the dressiest of their collection. Still, there's something "off" about it, no? And I realized...

The look of a heel is essential.

This is the Fifth Avenue, by Allen Edmonds. These shoes are made in Wisconsin by a company that's been doing their thing for a long time (since 1922). Take a look at the shoe as a whole. The heel adds a lot of "dressiness", doesn't it?


Our Patented Hollow Heel... the Defining Feature of our product. With our Patented Hollow Heel design, we are able to provide the wearer a flat outsole, while showing everyone else the look of a heel. It's the best of both worlds.

An X-Ray of Our Shoes

Where the foot appears to be, is NOT where the foot actually is.