Alessio Angeleri, Personal Trainer, Tortona, Italy

I'm really happy about the shoes, they are perfect, the fit, the look, the feeling, really really well done. I work in a luxury store as first occupation, thus I need to have a very elegant and stylish shoes, but at the same time I am a barefoot advocate, I go barefoot aside from my job everywhere, thus I need a shoe that meet the elegance requirements and my barefoot soul. Since I am a barefooter I can't use a standard dress shoe anymore, because all you can find anywhere is just a narrow casting for feet that it's all but a friendly place for your feet, nor for your joints and your back. With your shoes I found the best compromise between style and comfort, so I can go to work every day without the stress to wear a trap that mangles my feet. Aside from my first job I'm a personal trainer as well, and I'm really happy to read that you are a powerlifter. I'd like to thank you very much for your help and support.