Chris Richardson, 31, Payroll Professional and Powerlifter, Baltimore MD

UPDATE 2017 Jul 21: I am still rocking my V1s - I think for almost 3 years now - and still love them. I can see them lasting a very long time, especially with the ability to resole, so I really feel I have gotten my monies worth.

Just wanted to write a quick note to tell you how happy I am with the shoes. They are now broken in and are far and away the most comfortable dress shoe I've ever worn. What still amazes me is how sharp they look too. Very happy with my purchase. Even picked up some leather honey to take care of them. I was interested in [another brand's] shoes but when you compare their black dress shoe to yours, it's no contest.  Like not even close... Every once in a while I feel the incredible urge to message you about how much I love my shoes.  About 8 months later and the shoes still look brand new and they are even more comfortable as they continue to mold to my foot.  Looking forward to the new line, and hoping I can swing another pair by my boss (wife).

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