Stephen Sasaki-Perez, 27, Frequent Traveler and Quality Control Chemist

My reaction to slipping on a pair of the Primal Professional for the first time was "I can't believe how comfortable these are!" as they ushered me to my courthouse wedding. A week later, for a visit to Japan, I packed the #PriPro with a pair of high performance boots. While walking around Ginza, the Beverly Hills of Tokyo, I felt my bulky hiking shoes didn't fit in, so the PriPro's came in nicely. Then, after obliterating my feet and legs in hiking shoes on a Mount Fuji summit (12,388 feet / 3,776 meters), I was able to truly appreciate how comfortable the PriPro's were. I started preferring them to the hiking shoes. Even in the midst of a record-setting heatwave this summer, my PriPro's exhibited absolutely no foul odor. More so, it's now my footwear of choice for travel, whether scuttling about terminals and train stations burdened with luggage, waiting in lines, standing in the train during peak hours, or rushing to catch a connection. Unbelievably, these dress shoes met my torturous performance standards. I plan to purchase a pair as a gift for someone who has never even considered barefoot shoes because of the high level of comfort and style the Primal Professional provides.
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