Patrick T. Peabody, Jr., 35, Elementary Principal, Sabinal, TX

Since the time I participated in high school sports, I have had knee and back pain.  Around 2011 I began hearing about barefoot shoes, and decided to do a little research and try them out.  After starting slow and wearing Vibram Five-Finger shoes for a while I began to notice I wasn't having my regular knee and back pain.  I worked in education as a teacher and a coach - on my feet a lot, and needless to say, my supervisors were less than thrilled with me wearing toe shoes.  Any time I had to wear dress shoes, my joints would start killing me.  As I started to make a transition from teacher to administrator and was looking for barefoot dress shoes, I happened to discover Chronology.  I was thrilled because I was worried I would have to grin and bear it with regular shoes, or find a very understanding campus.  I quickly ordered a pair that arrived just before I started as an assistant principal, and provided all the comfort and benefits I had previously encountered wearing toe shoes.  I am now a principal, and as long as I can keep a pair on hand I will never go back to wearing regular shoes.  These shoes have been a lifesaver for my knees and back, and for my career!