Markus Törnqvist, 34, Software Architect and Consultant, Helsinki, Finland

Markus Törnqvist, 34, Software Architect and Consultant, Helsinki, Finland

Nice shoes, bro!

Today's my oldest friend's wedding celebration and I'm real
happy to have good-looking shoes that feel as good as they look - perfect timing on the delivery :)

It's been forever since I wore dress shoes, so I wasn't sure what exactly to expect. At first I was like "my heel rises up and I don't know how to take steps anymore" but tightening the laces as tight as they possibly go and letting them settle helped a lot.

Walking around the apartment in these today, breaking them in, so to say.

I wish these were available in stores :/ 

I bought some made-to-measure shirts from a Hong-Kong-based store on discount, but they didn't ship in time for me to tune the measures after the first shirt, causing me to use up the discount and end up with two shirts I can barely wear. Their customer service was so shitty about it I gave up on them. I'm incredibly happy you did a 5/5 or maybe even 7/5 job with customer support and communication :)

Have you considered doing Shark Tank or something to get these into retail?


This is Finland, where people don't generally "talk to each other", and regardless of that I was randomly stopped on the street by some stranger who noticed I'm wearing Vivos! He pointed me to Lems and I told him about Chronology! Also the weather tends to suck but it seems like barefoot is becoming a thing, especially when it's warmer than -5C ;)

Definitely telling everyone else as well about these and I'm sure there'd global retail demand!


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