Sean Bird, 37, English & Journalism Teacher, Musician, Coffee Snob, Redding CA

I just wanted to say that after less than a week of having these shoes I am in love! These are so great and worth the wait. I've appreciate your amazing communication and transparency about your process the entire way through; knowing your process made waiting a complete non-issue for me.  The only downside is that I have to learn to be worthy of the shoes now--my town is too small to have a real cobbler, so the polishing may involve a lot of youtubing on my part. They still look great, but since I'm a teacher, I get down on my knees a lot to help students at their desks and the tips of the toes have gotten ever-so-slightly scuffed. I think I just have to rethink how help students from now on...maybe do more of a bend at the waist or grab a stool once in a while. I'll figure it out. I probably have too active a job for nice shoes, perhaps your average customer works in more of an office environment, but it's important to me that if I spend all day standing I should preserve my foot and hamstring health. I've worn the Vivobarefoot Ra's for about two years--which are also totally minimal--but they look pretty informal, and are shaped like Ronald McDonald shoes, so they're silly looking. My health came at the expense of the image I was projecting. But with the Chronology shoes, preserving my foot and hamstring health doesn't come at the expense of professionalism.