Victoria Wingtip Paused; More Women's Styles Coming

You may have noticed that the Victoria Women's Wingtip is no longer available.

If you have a pre-order for the Victoria, rest assured. We will still make your shoes and fulfill your order.

However, we are not accepting new pre-orders of the Victoria for now. 


Our shoe factory recently took on a very large client, and this has brought a lot of changes to their business. One unfortunate change is their minimums. Before, they accepted quantities as small as 12 per style. But now, they are asking us for 550 pairs per style. They said that anything less than that cannot be produced on their production line. They will have to set up a separate room for small-quantity styles, and charge us extra for the trouble.


As of now, they still don't know how much that extra charge will be, as it's a big favor they're doing for a small client (us). For existing pre-orders, we will eat the extra charge for our customers this time, however much that might be. But after this production run, we will most likely discontinue some products, and just focus on the bestsellers.


We are not giving up on making women's dress and casual footwear.

Coming soon for women are Pointed Flats and Chelsea Boots. We've seen a lot more interest in these styles than the Victoria Women's Wingtips, and expect them to be bestselling staples. We hope that, after we release other women's products, we'll be able to successfully relaunch the Victoria to a larger audience of women.


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