Thanksgiving Promo & Confirm Address for V4 Pre-Orders!

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Dear Primal Professional,

In my last update, I gave production updates, explained why I'm calm this time despite delays, and talked about design details in the boots we're developing.

In this newsletter, I'll go into:
I. CaretsCo.Com
II. V4 Stocked, Shipping Next Week. 
III. Pre-Orders Need to Confirm Address
IV. Gratitude & Thanksgiving Promos!
V. Return Customer? You Have Credit!

I. CaretsCo.Com

We've rebranded from Chronology to Carets. I went into detail on why we changed our name in section III of our September newsletter.


II. V4 Stocked, Shipping Next Week.

In my last update from Nov 5, I had read a QA report on half of the order, and it was looking great, very meticulous. Since then, I got the final QA report on the remaining half, and it was great too. The shoes have now crossed the border and are in our Utah distribution center. We will start shipping next week.

III. Pre-Orders Need to Confirm Address

On Monday Nov 20, I sent emails with the subject line "Order #XXXX - Need You To Confirm Address" to everyone who has an outstanding pre-order with us. It was sent from 

Please check your spam box for this email! Read it, and REPLY!

I need to confirm your address before sending out such a high value package.

Once we have your address confirmed, and then your package labeled and shipped, you’ll receive an email with tracking =) Thanks for your patience and support!


IV. Gratitude & Thanksgiving Promos!

I thought about a few more things I was grateful for, and I wanted to share them with you. 

#1 The quirky mix of American and Chinese food for the holidays. 

#2 Finding my team in Mexico. I've been working on this barefoot dress shoe thing for 7 years now. If you ask anyone who knew me before I started this company, I was a style ignoramus. I've come a long way since then. As I learned more, I had all these ideas brewing in my head. But I couldn't do anything with them! My options were so limited in the USA... Now, with my team in Mexico, I'm able to apply all the knowledge I've gained, and design products that you'll love even more. 

#3 A strong relationship with my family.


I’ve been blessed to have a strong relationship with my brothers. Our personalities are pretty different, but there's some fun similarities. We all danced on hip-hop crews in college. We were all lifting barbells at one point. Erik, on the left, was giving me wear test feedback on a prototype. Ryan, on the right, is a co-founder of a designer slide sandal company (wtf, right? Then again, wtf is a barefoot dress shoe?). He's the eyes behind the beautiful photos on their Instagram @SANDALBOYZ. We talked a lot about photography this weekend, because I need to show off our beautiful new V4 Oxfords to the world.

My relationship with my mom is a different story... Can you imagine an Asian tiger mom reacting to her son quitting his stable accounting job to start a shoe company? Let’s just say if she was physically capable of dragging me back into my old job, she probably would have. Thankfully we worked through that!

#4 Strength, with Style. I've been exercising consistently in some form or another since 12 years old. But at 31, I'm in the best shape of my life. I even started breakdancing this year. I know that my physique isn’t just a function of youth now, but a function of knowledge, and consistent application of that knowledge. This gives me a powerful sense of control, which feels great. If you're curious about the dead simple program I've used with great results for the past 2 years, I wrote article on it

I love the intersection of Strength, with Style. I love making a product that aligns with your fitness goals while making you look fly. And I love the type of people that love this type of product. 

#5 You! I hope you’re having a great Thanksgiving and enjoying every moment with those closest to you. If you want to join us in giving back to those less fortunate, we’re running a Thanksgiving effort to donate an extra $35 to Heifer International for every pair of our shoes ordered, and that's on top of our existing 1% For The Planet pledge =) Just visit our store and use code THXGIVING7 on checkout. You’ll get a sweet $15 discount as well. 


V. Return Customer? You Have Credit!

If you've ever ordered from us before, you have credit waiting to be used! 

Go to our website CaretsCo.Com and click the golden "Earn Rewards & Save" tab on the bottom center.

On Desktop:

On Mobile:


Continue through Log In and a window should pop up showing your Reward Points, how much of a discount you can get with them, and more ways you can earn more. 

Our ecommerce engine doesn't allow stacking discount codes. BUT, I want to give you the THXGIVING7 discount and opportunity to give more to Heifer. So, use your rewards discount code during checkout. Then, just reply to your order confirmation email with THXGIVING7 and I'll take care of it =)

That's it for now!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mountain Evan Chang

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