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Dear Primal Professional,

In my last update, we sent out a customer satisfaction and new product development survey, and announced our first Instagram giveaway.

In this newsletter, I'll go into:
I. Expected Shoes?
II. Survey Results
III. Get Featured on Our Instagram!
IV. Style YouTuber -The Kavalier- Reviews Carets
V. Mountain Reviews the Vivobarefoot Ra II


I. Expected Shoes?

Do you have a pre-order that you expected to ship by now?
- AND -
You and I have NOT communicated about it?

Please hit REPLY and we'll get it sorted out!

FYI the next restock of our currently sold-out SKU's is on-time for April!


II. Survey Results

Big Thank You to the 200+ people who took the time to respond to our survey! You should all see an extra $20 in your Rewards balance now.

This survey proved very valuable as there were statistically significant preferences for certain styles and colors.

STYLE: the Derby Boot and the Wingtip are equally popular. Both are way more popular than the Double Monk-Strap style. Darius and I both like Double Monks, but with limited resources, it doesn't make sense for us to develop it right now.

COLOR: the Cacao (AKA chocolate, espresso, dark brown) color is much more popular than Honey (AKA tan, walnut, light brown).

These came as a surprise to Darius and I, because double monks and honey color shoes are very popular in the #menswear world. In the end, data from our real customers beats our hunches based on trends, so we're going to give you what you want! 

Our team in León is working with our tannery to make a Cacao leather, and our Fer Cap-Toe Oxford will be the first to have that color.

As of now, I don't have an update on the derby boots, but they are in progress. I should have a new sample and photos by the next newsletter!


III. Get Featured on Our Instagram!

First, congratulations to Scott V, the winner of our first Instagram giveaway contest!

I mentioned in our November newsletter that my younger brother Ryan is a co-founder of a designer slide sandal company, @SANDALBOYZ. They have 43,000 followers and the majority of their sales come from Instagram. It's inspired Darius and I to do the same for our Instagram. At only 399 followers, we have a lot of catching up to do =P 

So, do you have any cool shots of your Carets shoes? We would love to check them out! If they're featured we will definitely give you a tag!


IV. Style YouTuber The Kavalier Reviews Carets


This isn't the first time someone from the Men's Style world reviewed our shoes. That honor goes to Brock McGoff over at The Modest Man, a style blog for men under 5´8 (me lol). His review was for a version 1 and it's almost 4 years old now. 

Brock introduced us to Jon Shanahan AKA The Kavalier because Jon's an avid runner. After 3 weeks of wear, he had some interesting things to say. 

"I read all of [their website, and] I was a little bit converted, but I was still very skeptical...Over the past 2 weeks, I have found these to be incredibly comfortable and I can't even explain it...These have become my go-to daily shoe because they are as comfortable as a sneaker, if not a little bit more. But because it is still a dress shoe, I get to elevate my look, with extreme comfort."

Watch the video review here:

V. Mountain Reviews the Vivobarefoot Ra II


In 2016, I wrote a comparison review between the original Vivobarefoot Lisbon & our Fer v3. I wrote it for 3 reasons. First, to see what I can learn from my peers. Second, to get the word out there that Hey I'm making some barefoot dress shoes that are worth a look. Third, to place the shoes side-by-side, so that Primal Professionals like you can make an informed purchase decision. 

Since that review, the Lisbon has lost some aesthetics with a change in sole design, and the Fer has gained some aesthetics with a change in upper design. Instead, I thought I'd check out the Ra II. 

Here´s a link to the full review on our blog:

And here's a 30-sec video I made to compliment the article: 



That's it for now. Darius and I are excited to see your photos =) Thank you guys!

Best Regards,

Mountain Evan Chang

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