Pre-orders Ship Early Dec. Outsole Gold Accents?

Dear Primal Professional,

In the last newsletter, I requested testers for our women's shoes, announced our Ultimate Foot Health Giveaway, updated you on pre-orders, and asked if you knew any shoe stores for us.

In this newsletter, I will cover:

  1. Pre-orders Ship Early December
  2. Website "Add to Cart" Issue Fixed
  3. New Outsole w/ Gold accents: Your Feedback Requested
  4. 1% for the Planet: Your Feedback Requested
  5. Know any Barefoot-Friendly Health Practitioners?

1) Pre-orders Ship Early December

I'm sorry, our pre-orders will most likely ship early December, and not November as originally promised. I understand this is disappointing that you won't get your shoes sooner, especially if you were really excited. We have a strong relationship with our shoemaker and they get better at everything with each production run, including punctuality. Our box manufacturer let us down this time, delivering 3 weeks late, delaying the entire production. I have not cultivated nearly as strong a relationship with our box manufacturer as I have our shoemaker and sourcing agency. Given the "high-context" culture of Mexico, where relationships are more important in business, this was my mistake. On my future visits, I will spend more time getting to know them, and sharing Carets history and mission.

As of now, the shipment is nearing the U.S.-Mexico border. It will take a few days to clear customs, a few days to ship to Utah, and a few days to receive into our warehouse. During this time, I will reach out to you to confirm your shipping address. Once you've confirmed, I will clear them to ship, and you'll get an email with a tracking number.


2) Website "Add to Cart" Issue Fixed

We had an issue with our website, where after clicking "BUY NOW" or "PRE ORDER", you would redirect to an empty cart. The issue has been fixed. If you're still seeing it though, please let us know!


3) New Outsole w/ Gold Accents: Your Feedback Requested












During our monthly team meeting, Darius presented an idea: what if we added an accent of gold to the bottom of the outsole? To see what that might look like, I did some "rapid prototyping." In other words, I borrowed my girlfriend's gold nail polish, and mocked up 2 concepts. We all liked it, and so have most people I've shown it to. But in the end, your opinion matters most. Before investing further, we wanted to see what you think.

Click here to share your thoughts on the New Outsole w/ Gold Accents, and our 1% for the Planet membership.


4) 1% for the Planet: Your Feedback Requested









Another subject that came up during meetings was our membership with 1% for the Planet. 

1% for the Planet is a network of 2,000+ eco-conscious businesses (including founding member Patagonia, CLIF Bar, Klean Kanteen, and Bedrock Sandals), that pledge 1% of their sales to nonprofits improving our planet's health.

1% for the Planet provides a way for consumers to identify and support businesses that share their values. By holding all members to one clear metric, you know that exactly 1% of every dollar you spend with us is being contributed to improving our planet's health.

We started wondering, do our customers know what 1% for the Planet is? Did you know we're a member? Does it matter to you? 

Click here to share your thoughts on our 1% for the Planet membership, and the New Outsole w/ Gold Accents.


5) Barefoot-Friendly Health Practitioners?

If you know one, please let us know who it is! Just reply to this email and tell us about your relationship with them. We'll reach out to them to see if they'll like our shoes. 


That's it for now! Thanks for tuning in. 

To Your Health,


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