Outlet Store: Carets for $100. Survey: Safety Toe Work Boots

Dear Primal Professional,

Let me start by asking, how are you? In the last few emails, we've shared some of our struggles this year, and we know we're not alone in this. In this same year of struggle, we've also had more touching moments and breakthroughs than ever. So feel free to hit reply and share what you're up to, we'd love to hear from you. Thank you for being here with us.

In this newsletter, I will be talking about...

  1. Our Outlet Store
  2. Survey: Safety Toe Work Boots

Our Outlet Store

Our Outlet Store has a special place in my heart, because it does so much good.

  • It reduces waste, in a world of too much.
  • It creates work opportunities, in a world of too little.
  • It makes the highest intersection of Style & Strength accessible to more price-conscious Primal Professionals.

Waiting for a Pre-Order?

Our next restock of brand-new shoes is due in November.

If you have an outstanding order, and you'd rather get your shoes sooner, and at a lower price, I suggest ordering from our Outlet Store now, in case inventory runs out.

You can hold onto your pre-order and keep your place in line, until you confirm you like your Outlet Store shoes. Then, just reply to your pre-order confirmation that you'd like to cancel for a refund.


Free Shipping. Free Returns for Exchanges or Store Credit.

We want to provide an excellent customer experience, so our Outlet Store will have the same free shipping and 365 day test-drive guarantee as our Main Store.

However, we also want to keep these prices as low as possible, so we are only providing free return labels for exchanges or store credit.

If you return for a refund, you'll have to pay the cost of the label (it will be deducted from your refund).


Pricing Tiers, $100 - $200

Our Outlet Store offers 3 tiers based on their condition:

  • Irregular for $100: These have minor defects or signs of use, but are still very presentable. If you get it and it's not acceptable to you, we'll cover your return shipping to upgrade to a higher tier. 
  • Flexpoint for $160: With all leather shoes, normal creasing occurs at the shoe's flexpoint, almost immediately upon trying on.
  • New (no box) for $200: Many pairs are only here because the original branded box was damaged in shipping. The shoes are in brand-new condition. 

I had a lot of help with various tasks in the Outlet Store. However, all of the final review and grading by tier was done personally by me, Mountain. In purchasing from our Outlet Store, you have my quality guarantee.


What about Cacao, Honey, and Oxblood shoes?

We don't have enough space to process and organize all the used returns we have, so we're making space by selling the black shoes first. We'll send out another announcement in the newsletter when the other colors are ready.


Shoe Trees

We, along with all other dress shoe experts, highly recommend placing shoe trees in your shoes, after each wear. I would go so far as to say it's foolish to not use them. They improve the look, performance, and longevity of your shoes, by smoothing out wrinkles, maintaining shape, and preventing extreme toe spring from developing

If you already have shoe trees and want to save money, you can share shoe trees between shoes. They mostly need to be in your shoes for the 24 hours after you wear them. After that, they can be put to use in another pair of shoes. 

If you don’t have shoe trees, please get a pair, even if it’s not from our Outlet Store (although ours are quite nice for the price). The longevity and aesthetics they provide your shoes are well worth the $20 and few seconds of effort!

We offer 3 types, and you can learn more in each product page. 



With our significantly reduced prices, we are no longer offering these accessories for free.

Click on each product page to see if they're right for you.


Survey: Safety Toe Work Boots

Do you wear safety toe work boots?

Do you wish they were zero-drop, with a wider toe box?

Maybe lighter, or more flexible?

We just began research and development on safety toe work boots. I'm finding that the work boot world, with all these many different job-specific features, is a lot bigger than the dress shoe world. In order to narrow down our focus, I created a survey to learn what you want. Could you help us, yourself, and all customers like you, by answering these questions? 


We'd love your feedback on our survey here!


Thank you for your support. I hope your loved ones are safe and healthy during these crazy times. 

To Your Health,


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