My First Podcast Interview, with YIELD Mastermind


YIELD stands for Young, Innovative, Entrepreneurial, Leadership and Direction. You can click the play symbol below to start listening, or find it on iTunes, Stitcher, and SoundCloud.

I was pretty nervous to be on such a popular show, with such high-caliber guests like JP Sears and Hoan Do. I'm happy to say it turned out pretty well. I prepared for the podcast by asking Host and Founder Philip Randazzo to send me some of his favorite episodes, so I could get a feel for his interview style. I took some time to think about what my personal story is at this point in my life. I've been feeling very social and improvisational lately, partly thanks to all the cool people I met at The 21 Convention. And finally, Phil's a great host and made it fun and easy. One of the best things about having such a niche product is that I have common ground with all of my customers and fans. Phil's no exception, and I know I'd have a blast hanging out with him in person. In this interview, we talk about...

  • 5:38 My weird name
  • 6:47 My childhood, my parent's divorce, and how that shaped me
  • 8:57 Landing my dream internship, bombing it, and a new look at why: expectations vs. reality
  • 14:07 The biggest lesson I learned from my mom
  • 16:30 Why I run barefoot
  • 20:55 Why and how I made a barefoot dress shoe (both funny stories)
  • 24:43 My biggest mistakes and what I learned from them
  • 28:09 What advice would I give someone who wants to be an artist or entrepreneur?
  • 30:19 Who is the first person who comes to mind when I hear the word "success", and why?
  • 32:00 What book would I recommend?
  • 33:45 What blog would I recommend?
  • 35:09 If I could only keep one thing in my daily routine, what would it be?
  • 36:21 How I finally started to wake up at a reasonable time
  • 37:44 The habits that I'm building right now
  • 39:18 What's next for my business and myself
  • 41:48 My favorite quote

Here are some of the resources we mentioned in the show:

Book: Tim Ferriss's The 4-Hour Workweek changed how I viewed success, what I thought was possible for myself, and ultimately what I wanted from life.

Book: Nick Winter's The Motivation Hacker is “…your field guide to getting yourself to want to do everything you always wanted to want to do.” This book is my absolute #1 favorite, because it will help you do all the things that you learn about in all the other books. At 138 pages long, it’s a quick and tremendously fun read.

Mr. Success: Matt Hsu at If you're in pain, do stop by his website before you consider pills and/or surgery. He has a lot of free videos on YouTube, highly-rated self-help programs, and a practice in Redwood City with a solid 5-Stars on Yelp. Because "Pain Sucks. Life Shouldn't.

Blog: Antonio Centeno's What Mark's Daily Apple is for health, Real Men Real Style is for men's style. Whether you just want to 80/20 your wardrobe, or dive deep and go full dandy, Antonio's resources will get you there.

Article: The Art of Manliness "The 3 P's of Manhood": Protect, Provide, Procreate.

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