Interview on Survival Punk Podcast Episode 110


 I like mixing things up to create new things, or what James Altucher calls "idea sex." My barefoot dress shoe, Chronology? That's some sweet, sweet, idea sex. And James Burnette's "Survival with a Punk Attitude"? Yea, hardcore idea sex.

James and Mike are hilarious and this was a fun show to be on. We talk about...

  • 11:00 How I help people become their best
  • 12:00 Design principles, based on physiology and style, of Chronology
  • 17:50 Just how much James loves his pair of Chronology
  • 19:05 How shoes have changed through history
  • 21:58 Why we changed our brand name
  • 26:55 When are the boots coming out
  • 28:26 What’s in the future for Chronology
  • 30:28 My early business ideas: All Asian Boys Have Killer Abs, Computer literacy for Chinese seniors
  • 34:50 James talks passive income and business ideas: ketone strips, modafinil
  • 38:38 Why I went Paleo / Primal: organic food, barefoot running, compound lifts, and intermittent fasting
  • 41:01 My lifting routine
  • 50:00 My shotgun, and guns in general
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