Returns - International - Topline & Ankles

Sorry to hear about the topline bothering your ankles! In Version 4, we started using a softer piping for the topline, and we also lowered the topline, but apparently not enough. We will lower it further in Version 5. 

We know that the topline will break-in to a softness that is comfortable for you. However, we don’t want you to suffer in any way during that break-in! We would be happy to reimburse you for a purchase of heel grips. Just send a photo of your receipt to and we will reimburse you. These (pictured below) will create a temporary buffer between your foot and the problem area until it breaks-in after a few days.

How to use: Align the curve of the heel grip with the curve of the shoe's topline.

Additional notes:

  1. Some people might balk at modifying their shoes. But it’s the same as hemming your pants, or any other form of tailoring.
  2. These heel grips are pretty long so you can use them at full length, or you can trim them down to just the length you need.
  3. Applying the heel grips will not affect your return or refund.