"Have You Thought About Shoes for Women?"


I get this question often enough that I wrote this comprehensive email reply. I figured it would be good to publish it here for anyone else wondering. 


Thanks for reaching out! We have a boot that would be unisex in the works. You can see some photos and a bit about them in our newsletter here. Because the boot is a unisex style, we're going to open up more sizes next year, all the way down to US Women's 5. My mom can finally have stylish, comfortable, and healthy footwear!

What do you think? Would this be something you'd be interested in? The price will be in line with the dress shoes, but offer the same value and more: timeless style, timeless comfort, versatility, durability, resoleability, plus winter-ready.

With regards to a more formal style, we'd love to make one but we just honestly don't know what to do. Dressy flats have been around, and some of the other minimalist shoe companies (Merrell, Vivo) have their own iterations, albeit not as dressy. Unshoes had a Kickstarter for their Wildflower Series. If you ask me, these are the cutest I've seen! But it seems like they’re fixing some kinks for it still. My personal faves for something more conservative are the Soft Star Ballerine and the Ahinsa Ananda Ballerina.

Here are some that aren’t advertised as minimalist, but look to be: Tieks, Geox Charlene1.

I'd like to ask, What do you find lacking about these options as they currently exist? And what styles do you like? Feel free to link me to specific examples!

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  • Honestly, I hadn’t heard about the wildflower series until seeing it mentioned here. I checked it out and what they had to say about wearing heels vs wearing healthy shoes was just amazing and an example of what I consider true Feminism!! I think the fact that it seems more difficult to come up with something that a woman could wear without a heel that looks remotely professional is kinda sad. I used to wear heels, but since realizing the damage that even regular shoes were having on my feet and starting the beginnings of bunions, I did my research until I finally found shoes that are much better for my feet. The only shoes that I ever wear are my Primal 2s and Boulder Boots from Lems. I was also given a pair of Birkenstock sandals this summer and have appreciated those for the wide toe-box. As far as what I could wear with a fancy dress, I am totally at a loss! Especially for winter options! I’m gonna be honest, styles change. And I think maybe creativity just needs to happen with this one. I’m willing to wear something different and start a new trend! We tend to perceive fancy shoes for women as more angular and “dainty”. And we perceive dainty as a thin, tall heel. I think we all just need to change that and come up with something new!

    As far as ballet slippers go, I hate them, and I’ve always avoided them. I DO like the idea of cute, flexible, fancy sandals. Honestly, I could use a pair for a wedding that I have coming up this January. It will be in a warm location so sandals should be okay if I have to wear them. But even finding those wide enough is ridiculously hard! I just want a cute pair of SHOES that I can wear with different dresses. As it is, I just wear my Primals 2s with absolutely everything. And in the winter, my boulder boots with absolutely everything!

  • I’m an active duty officer and would love an option that fits our regs.

  • Sandals are not appropriate office wear.

    Most ballet flats look far too casual for office environments.

    As is clearly stated in your analysis of men’s shoes, the look of a heel is essential to fit with current style expectations. And I think that’s especially true for women as our shoe wardrobe is often more varied.

    A feminine oxford or loafer with the faux heel like your men’s shoe would be very nice as an option.


    And it would be lovely to have a boot!


    Now I’m dreaming of riding boots!



  • The Soft Star Ballerine looks nice, but I know just looking at it that I would need a boxier, less tapered toe. Even the Vivo Jing Jings look too tapered for my comfort, although I’d wear them for a formal event and pop on my Correct Toes immediately afterward ;)

    Ballerina flats are still a pretty classic semi-formal shoe, but I agree that a loafer or a brogue might be a better choice for you to showcase your mock heel and to provide some diversity in the market. I currently only own Lems Primal 2s as my go-to minimal shoes and sandals for the rest; I definitely need to invest in something “dressier” soon and with winter approaching, something semi-weather proof is on my mind!

    Amy P
  • I agree with the above commenter. I want a zero-drop shoe that I can wear with business wear – i.e. something that would look good with a dress pant or a suit dress, with anything I’d wear with a blazer. I also agree that a vegan option would be ideal! I also have found it difficult to order online due to sizing issues – very difficult with most brands, and most not offering free back and forth shipping on already expensive shoes, makes it an expensive undertaking to find a worthwhile shoe contender. I’m going to try Tieks mainly because they have the free shipping and size assist.

    Jo Snyder

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